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Inclusion Training is focused on delivering education and training to support the inclusion of people with a
disability in the community. We offer a range of face to face courses to meet the needs of our community.

Our online courses are aimed at people who are looking to learn more about how they can support a person with
a disability in our community.

22471VIC – Course in Initial General Education for Adults

Course Details

The Course I in Initial General Education for Adults addresses the education and training needs of adults who need to improve their literacy, basic math and general education skills to access further study, employment or to participate in the community.


Course structure

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To be eligible for the 22471VIC Course in Initial General Education for Adults, learners must successfully complete a total of 11 units comprising:

  • Core – 1 unit
  • Core Skills Reading and Oracy – 3 units Core Skills Writing – 3 Units
  • Core Skills Numeracy and Mathematics – 4 units

For information on course fees, please refer to our current Schedule of fees.

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