Personalised Support

Our model is based on relationships and shared goals, aspirations and a vision of a good life into the future

This is reflected in our personalised approaches that see you as an individual with very individual needs, and therefore requiring personally tailored supports designed to meet those needs. In some ways, its like a tailored suit, made just to fit you.

It’s about relationship and a shared vision

This relationship based service is about professionalism, sincerity and a desire to genuinely understand you and your aspiration‌s. Building the right relationship with you requires a few elements:

That you have confidence in the service and the people supporting you. This comes with trust that is earnt and genuine & effective service

Shared values and vision for what a good life would look like. This allows us to walk beside you and work collaboratively to a common purpose

Our Values:

  • Individuality
  • Potential
  • Integrity
  • Relationships

For further information, please contact our Support Coordination Team on 03 9509 4266 or

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