Training and Education Fees

Inclusion Training charges two fees:

A COURSE FEE comprising either a:
Tuition Fee for Accredited Training
Tuition and Amenities Fees


Course Fee

Inclusion Training will invoice all learners a yearly fee based on the Government Subsidised Place Concession fee for the total nominal hours for the course or certificate.

When a learner has not yet exceeded the nominal hours for a course but (a) wishes to continue with the course, and (b) is within the time limit for the delivery plan, the learner may be able to re-enrol in the course.

Download the 2019 Schedule of Fees for Inclusion Training Courses

2019 Course Fees for 22301VIC includes:
  • Student consumables
  • Concessional tuition fee for 22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education, capped at nominal hours for the course:
Support Fee

Inclusion Training provides direct support for personal care, meal assistance, independence, self-care and social inclusion at Inclusion Training course delivery sites.

This fee is based on a sliding scale and is dependent on the support needs of the learner.