A bequest is a heartfelt gift made within your will. It allows you to acknowledge family and friends. Those close to your heart. It is an investment in the future of the people who are important to you.

By leaving a bequest to Inclusion Melbourne, you will make an ongoing contribution in the lives of people with an intellectual disability and their families. Your legacy will benefit generations beyond your lifetime and aid in a good life for people for years to come.

There are various types of bequests. A few examples may be a specific allocation of money, an insurance policy, assets such as shares, real estate, investment in perpetuity and others.

If you wish to consider a bequest for Inclusion Melbourne, we recommend you seek professional advice from a solicitor or financial advisor to ensure your bequest is clearly and legally stated.

For any questions to Inclusion Melbourne about how to make bequests, you are welcome to have a confidential discussion with our Finance Manager on 03 9509 4266