Quality at Inclusion Melbourne

Inclusion Melbourne upholds the highest quality standards in the sector.

Inclusion Designlab manages Quality and Continuous Improvement operations at Inclusion Melbourne to assure the delivery of quality services.

Stephen, our Continuous Improvement Officer (CIO), supports the organisation to maintain quality systems and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.


As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider and Registered Training Organisation, our quality is accredited by: 

  • The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, against the NDIS Practice Standards. 
  • The Victorian Regulations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), against the essential conditions and standards of the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF). 

We have a deep understanding and alignment to ISO 9001:2015 standards for Quality Management Systems and were accredited against them prior to the NDIS. Despite no longer being accredited, we align our regular internal audits to these standards. 

Internal Systems and Processes 

Continuous Improvement Committee: Convened monthly and facilitated by the CIO, the Committee is comprised of staff representatives from across the organisation. The Committee monitors feedback and opportunities for improvement (OFIs), and identifies and monitors improvement tasks and projects. 

Quality, Risk and Services Sub-Committee:  This is a sub-committee of our Volunteer Board and meets quarterly.

Feedback Loops: OFIs are identified through various mechanisms, including: 

  • Annual staff and volunteer engagement surveys conducted by an expert external consultant. 
  • Annual service user feedback, conducted every 6 months. 
  • Dedicated feedback email, monitored by the CIO. 
  • Annual Internal and external audits. 
  • Board Quality Risk and Services sub-committee

Quality Documentation: All Quality documentation is controlled in Office SharePoint, with reading access available to all staff, anywhere, anytime, and live collaboration and version management by Policy and Procedure owners and the CIO. 

Outcome Quality Measures: The development of a framework of Outcome measures is a current work in progress, with a recent review undertaken by an external quality consultant. 

Consulting Services: Inclusion Designlab offers consulting services for non-profit organisations, particularly NDIS registered providers, who would like to learn more about enhancing quality and continuous improvement processes. The team can perform internal audits (as external contractors) against the NDIS practice standards, review communications tools against a range of regulatory requirements, and review practice. Contact projects@inclusiondesignlab.org.au for more information.