Student Placements

Would you like a student placement with Inclusion Melbourne?

We’d love to hear from you. Here’s what you need to know

Inclusion Melbourne is committed to providing students with the opportunity to combine their studies with practical experiences, that would provide a deeper understanding of the lives of people with disabilities, their significant others, and the services that a disability support organisation such as Inclusion Melbourne provides

Inclusion Melbourne offers placements for students completing tertiary studies (university or TAFE) in the following areas:

Personalised Support student placements

A student placement in this area will give you the opportunity to:

  • Support staff in the coordination and delivery of supports for people with a disability, their families and/or carers
  • Conduct assessments and prepare reports
  • Participate in managing and reviewing individual plans for people via a person centred approach
  • Provide advice and information to people with a disability and their families or carers
  • Support and initiate referrals to other community support providers
Management, research and practice improvement student placements

These placements offer the chance to combine theoretical learnings and hands on experience which drive consistent practice and positive outcomes through completion of specific projects, such as outcome measurement, quality improvement initiatives, and a range of activities that complement service delivery. These student placements are project based and may involve:

  • Contributing to Inclusion Melbourne quality and performance improvement frameworks
  • Engaging in planning processes & ensuring strategic priorities are pursued
  • Liaising with key external agencies and government departments
  • Completing research projects as a part of an Honours degree, or post graduate qualifications in areas such as outcomes measurement, social impact assessment and costing and pricing strategies
  • Working on an area of citizenship or social inclusion through a policy, social work, communications or disability studies project with Inclusion Designlab

There may be other related placements on offer for students currently studying (final year) in the areas of Marketing, Communications, Digital, HR, Finance and Administration.

For Students – entry requirements are:

  • A passion for raising awareness of social causes
  • The ability and desire to learn quickly
  • Currently completing a degree in social work, psychology, speech pathology, community services, occupational therapy, or a disability or welfare related diploma
  • NDIS Worker Screening Check
  • A current valid driver’s licence (mainly applicable for Personalised Support placements)

Please contact us at: admin@inclusion.melbourne

For Education providers

Education providers wanting to place students should contact admin@inclusion.melbourne to discuss how we may be best matched to support the learning outcomes of your program and placement goals