Listening to You

During the listening and discovering phase, an Inclusion Melbourne representative takes the time to sit with you to discover the things you want to achieve. These are your goals, wants and aspirations to live a good life. We call this the understanding and getting to know you phase. We ask you what you like? And dislike?…. some aspirations perhaps?. You may take some time to reflect on what you really want in the areas of your life, such as your recreational interests, work, education and friendships.

Once you feel we really understand you, then we move to the specific planning stage

Develop a plan – Working alongside each other, we will assist in building a tailored plan. This may include skills you’d like to improve, friendships to explore or work related options. You’ll decide what’s right for you to live a good life. We write down the things you want to achieve and this is what we call your plan.

When you feel we understand the life you want, we’ll work to bring it to life. We do all the leg work (investigation and coordination), whilst ensuring you retain full choice and control. There are options where we can match you with volunteers to assist in building friendships. Depending on your situation, we also create back up support plans, so that you have peace of mind with your arrangements in place

Bringing your plan to life – Once your personalised support plan is in place, we continue to work with you, to make sure everything is happening the way you expected. Your plan will be reviewed regularly and any changing needs you may have will be addressed.

Growing with you – Our goal is to continue to work together with you to increase your self-sufficiency. We pride ourselves in our long term relationships. Many of the people we support have given us the privilege of working with them for many years. We are invested in a shared vision of what a good life will look like for you, and will partner with you on the journey

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