Community Visitors Scheme

We don’t want you or your loved one feeling isolated

Inclusion Melbourne aims to reduce the impact of social isolation and loneliness amongst the elderly population by offering a . We also extend this service to those that may have been overlooked previously, such as people with mental health issues by offering a unique and valuable service

We can assist, by matching a special one on one visitor in a residential setting that fits with your life

This visitation service encourages genuine meaningful friendships, which reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Our volunteers work as supportive friends

We can assist you or your loved one by getting out of the house and providing a sense of community through activities that have meaning to them – which could be playing music, going for a walk or a coffee, and sharing life experiences with a volunteer.

If you would like to arrange a referral or wish to enquire regarding a 1:1 community visitors scheme, please contact our Community Support Team at friendly.visitors@inclusion.melbourne