Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme

Make new connections!

Funded by the Australian Government


Having social connections is essential for maintaining your mental and physical health, particularly as you age.  The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) is an Australian government funded initiative that aims at reducing and/or preventing the impact of social isolation amongst older Australians.  The program achieves this by matching volunteers with older Australians in the local community.

Social isolation often occurs due to:

  • lack of regular contact with friends or family members;
  • being from indigenous or culturally diverse background; and
  • reduced mobility levels preventing participation in social activities.

We are proud to have been an auspice of the ACVVS since 2014. Our role as an auspice is to:

  • recruit, train and support volunteer friendly visitors;
  • match Aged Care Volunteer Visitors to care recipients; and
  • support Aged Care Volunteer Visitors and recipients relationships.

Recipients of the ACVVS

To be eligible to receive an Aged Care Volunteer Visitor you need to be living in your own home and receive a Home Care Package.

The match between an Aged Care Volunteer Visitor and you is based on shared interest and values to help you build a friendship with your companion over time. Aged Care Volunteer Visitors  can support you on a one-to-one basis either at your own home or in a residential aged care facility.

The activities that you might engage in with the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors include:

  • Outings to cafes, galleries, or other places of interest;
  • Share stories;
  • Read or listen to a book;
  • Have a cup of tea and a chat;
  • Enjoy a TV show together or listen to music.

Anyone can make a referral for an Aged Care Volunteer Visitor.  For more information don’t hesitate to contact the Community Support Team on 03 9509 4266 

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