Feedback and Testimonials

If you have concerns, constructive criticism or positive feedback, we’d like to hear from you.
If you are a person Inclusion Training supports, a family member, carer or someone associated with Inclusion Training, we are open to listening to your feedback.
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My son Jack attends literacy at Inclusion Training at Phoenix Park one day per week. I would like to express how impressed I am with the quality of learning skills provided by the trainers. They are totally dedicated to catering for each person’s disability and needs, by teaching at the level required by each one. The insight of what they actually need to know, which is basic to us folk, but to those with a disability often gets bypassed, with forgetting that maybe they don’t know some of the basic life skills and basic knowledge that we take for granted, and we are ourselves often too busy being ‘carers’ to notice. Today, Kate took the time to show me just what the people in Jack’s class are learning – and I’m impressed and grateful to have Jack part of the group. Jack attends other programs through the week. We are forever frustrated with them, stressed out trying to get a few simple skills put in place and feel that we are treading water and getting nowhere! There is a low level of real intent and these places are basically no more than time users and ‘adult minders’. Little quality. In contrast, congratulations on A grade teachers at Inclusion Training!

A parent

Volunteering in the classroom has been great fun and a real learning experience! I’ve met so many amazing people- staff, volunteers, and students, and feel that I’ve formed positive relations with them all. At times it’s been challenging, but that is to be expected. I’m so proud of the students- they’ve all come a long way. I feel accepted and I love all of the staff and volunteers I meet too!

Eleanor, A Volunteer Tutor