Voting and Electoral Inclusion

Inclusion Melbourne and voting

People with intellectual disability have the same right to vote as all other Australians. Disability law and service delivery regulations compel disability support organisations to support voters with disability, while the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities points to a society that fully supports the development of accessible political education, election materials, election campaigns, and voting centres.

Inclusion Melbourne commenced its journey with electoral inclusion research in 2013, leading to a partnership with Melbourne Law School in 2015, a Victorian Government funded study tour of global sites of best practice in 2016, a VEC-funded research partnership with La Trobe University in 2017, and now an electoral inclusion campaign in preparation for the 2018 State Election.

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I Can Vote

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I Can Vote is a dual-read guide for people with a disability and their supporters. It guides voters through the basics about democracy and voting and offers practical tips for becoming politically informed.

I Can Vote is a website dedicated with information to help you get ready to vote, and was a great tool to leading in to the Victorian State Election in November 2018. I Can Vote shows videos of election candidates explaining what they believe and support. These videos can help you choose who you vote for. I Can Vote also has information about democracy and politics. There is also information for supporters who are helping you learn about voting.

Whether you’re a voter or a candidate, I Can Vote can assist you in the voting process and provide you with information about democracy and politics.

Plan To Vote

Plan to Vote is a tool to help people with a disability and their supporters create the ultimate plan to election readiness. Fill out a digital copy or print it out and stick it up on your wall in the months leading up to an election.

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Electoral Inclusion

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Rights, Barriers and Global Campaign Strategies for Voters with Intellectual Disability.

This report has been prepared to introduce the leaders of electoral commissions and similar organisations to the advancements in practice that have flowed from research into the political citizenship of people with intellectual and cognitive disability. It also examines the various components of a selection of electoral inclusion campaigns in sites of best practice, namely the UK, Canada and Sweden.

The I Can Vote project is a world-leading project run by Inclusion Designlab. It features easy language videos from political candidates standing for the 2018 Victorian State Election. The project is supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Collier Charitable Fund.

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