Volunteer Training & Support


Depending on the role, most of our volunteers support vulnerable people either one-to-one, or in a classroom setting.

We aim to ensure that all our volunteers are in turn well supported in their chosen role while volunteering with Inclusion Melbourne.

All volunteers are expected to attend a mandatory Induction & Refresher Training.

This training is essential for anyone who is new to Inclusion Melbourne and for those who feel they could use a refresher. This interactive training is designed to prepare participants for work at Inclusion Melbourne, and explore best practice in supporting people with disabilities and elderly citizens.  A variety of other optional training sessions are also offered throughout the year.

For details on our regular Information and Learning sessions, please click here

Volunteer Support

In the best interests of both our volunteers and the people we support, it is important that people feel comfortable and secure in each other’s presence. For this reason a member of staff will always introduce the volunteer to the person/s that they will be supporting and the location where they will be working, if relevant to the role.

Every Volunteer will have a supervisor assigned to them who can answer queries or address any concerns. Volunteers should be comfortable and confident to speak with their supervisor at any time, about any issue, regardless of how minor they think it may be.

Volunteers are contacted by Inclusion Melbourne very frequently for the first few weeks, and then regularly after that by a member of the support team. Should volunteers have any questions or concerns, there is always a member of staff at the end of the phone.

For further information relating to our training, please contact us by emailing volunteer@inclusion.melbourne or call 03 9509 4266.