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Inclusion Training offers a range of pre-accredited programs for students who want to extend their personal interests, grow their skills and meet other people. Inclusion Training also offers pre-accredited programs specifically for people who want to progress to accredited training.

Pre-accredited programs are quality assured by ACFE and government subsidised. See our fees page for more information about concession eligibility, support arrangements and course fees.

Pre-Accredited Programs

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Pre-accredited Courses

Pre-accredited course name
General Literacy and Numeracy
iPads for Learning

‘iPads for Learning – Photography’ aims to provide students with intellectual disabilities with a highly contextualized  introduction to the iPad as a tool for supporting their learning. The use of the iPad as a means of enhancing skill development and of enabling access to knowledge will be explicitly taught with opportunities maximized for repetition and practice. Students will learn to; identify the key features of the iPad, turn the iPad off and on, charge the iPad, identify and use some of  the most commonly used icons on the home screen. Students will learn to use the camera function and different settings for taking photos, learn to take photos and video, manage the storage of these and send them as emails. They will be introduced to the accessibility features of the iPad and have to opportunity to trial these and record the features they would like to use in the future to support them in a learning and /or employment setting.  They will use these features to compose, read  and send an email. ‘Ipads for Learning – Photography’ aims to increase the confidence and capacity of students with poor literacy and numeracy skills to participate in employment options and the wider community.  Learners have the opportunity to create a portfolio or photo album.

Health and Hygiene

The ‘Health and Hygiene’ course focuses on providing an accessible means for learners with intellectual disabilities to develop  their  conceptual understanding of these topics through explicit teaching and contextualized materials and experiences. Learners will investigate the concept of ‘health’ and how it  is comprised of physical, mental and social health considerations. They will identify components of physical health and social distancing. Learners will be supported to  make links that clarify for them the importance of the establishment of effective personal and domestic hygiene practices. e.g. that this knowledge and these skills are a) expected and valued in the workplace,  and  b) underpin some future training options they may be interested in.

Word Wise

The course will focus on letter and  word recognition focusing on sounds, blends and whole words.

123 Cook

1,2,3 …Cook!  is a literacy and numeracy program for learners with emerging numeracy and literacy skills.  Opportunities for learning are embedded within a cooking program. Learners will develop an awareness and understanding of the purpose and features of procedural text, recognising  and sequencing the steps and following following simple written and spoken directions, as they prepare a recipe. Learners will be supported to;  develop their skills in recognising the numerals 1 – 10,  develop the concept of fractions as part of a whole and develop their understanding of the language of time, measurement and direction. Learners will practice following  food handling &hygiene procedures and will be supported to follow safety  procedures in the Kitchen environment. This course links to 22554VIC Course in General Education for Adults.


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