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Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) Volunteer recruitment documentation

Follow the steps below to complete and submit documentation required

Step 1  – Complete and submit recruitment forms

Click on the green button below to:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application form
  • Read and declare your understanding of your Position Description
  • Read and declare your commitment to follow the Code of Conduct at all times.

Note: For those using your own car when volunteering, you will need to read the Transport and Vehicles policy and procedure before completing the relevant section on the Volunteer Application form

Transport and Vehicles Policy and Procedure (1)

Your Community Support Coordinator will contact you by email with a PDF copy of these documents for your records.

Step 2 – Information about safety screening checks

The documents below will help you complete the forms in Step 3

The Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES)

Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme Consent-and-Acknowledgement-Form_Sep 2020

Wintringham DWES and Statutory Declaration

The National Police Check

National Police Check Application Instructions for Volunteersd

Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme information sheet for disability service providers

Step 3 – Safety Screening Checks – Police checks

Please use this link to complete your online Crimcheck application.

Steps to note:

  • Inclusion Melbourne will pay for your Crimcheck application;
  • If you give consent and authorisation for the result to be sent to us, click the YES  icon;
  • Fill in your personal information, upload identification and submit it to Inclusion Melbourne Inc;
  • Once you have submitted your information you will receive an automatic email with full details of your check (please double check that the information you have entered is correct – once the results come back we cannot edit any incorrect information);
  • Let us know via email when you have submitted your application, so we may confirm and lodge your application;
  • When the check has been completed and the result is available, we will be notified by Crimcheck directly.  You will receive a PDF copy of your certificate.  You do not need to send this onto us, however please retain the certificate for your own records.

Step 4 – Safety Screening Checks – Disability Worker Exclusion Screen (DWES) Check

1. Read information about the DWES check – Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme information sheet for disability service providers

2. Download this form and save to your computer Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme Consent-and-Acknowledgement-Form_Sep 2020

3. Complete and email completed form to your Community Support Coordinator

Step 5  –  Safety Screening Check – Statutory Declaration

This document is required for volunteers who have been a citizen or permanent resident of a country other than Australia after the age of 16.

The statutory declaration is stating that you have never, in Australia or another country, been convicted of murder or sexual assault, or convicted of and sentenced to imprisonment for any other form of assault.

Complete the Statutory Declaration:

  1. Download this form CS Statutory Declaration form
  2. Save to your device and complete
  3. Email completed document to your Community Support Coordinator