Why Inclusion? Getting to know our people – HR Officer

Alannah Smith


Date started with IM:

October 2012

Can you describe some of your working history with IM:

Hi, I’m the HR Officer.  I joined the organisation in 2012 as the Office Manager, however moved away from this role after returning from mat leave in 2017.

Can you tell the story of a triumph you were able to achieve with Inclusion Melbourne?

I am very fortunate that during my time with Inclusion Melbourne, I have contributed to various success stories; from implementing new HR & Payroll software improving our admin processes, to reducing our head office’s carbon footprint by initiating sustainable practices and installing energy-efficient equipment.  My most recent achievement has been implementing the launch of our new onboarding software improving the experience for new employees to sign up with us.  In the future and ongoing, I hope a massive achievement will be the success of our newly launched employee wellbeing initiative.

Can you talk about why you work with IM and not another company in the same area?

Inclusion Melbourne is full of like-minded people, who thrive on supporting people and promoting inclusiveness.  This culture is what drives and motivates me to serve our employees who support our participants and students.

Can you choose 3 words that describe IM to you?

Person-Centred, Values-Driven, Family