What is Plan Management?

The NDIS provides participants with the funds and supports required to help someone with a disability reach their goals and aspirations. NDIS participants are able to choose from different plan management options to suit their individual needs. Each NDIS participant will work with someone who has professional experience in NDIS plans, to ensure your personalised plan outlines your specific needs and goals, and how funding can help you achieve that. After you have qualified for funding, individuals are able to decide how they would like their plan managed.

  • Self-Managed
  • Agency managed
  • Plan Managed
  • Combination

Plan management is a service that supports NDIS participants through budgeting monitoring and planning, helping with claims and disbursing funds for services and assisting the participant in control and autonomy over their services and supports.


  • Self-managed plans are when the NDIS participant (or someone they nominate) manages the NDIS allocated funds. The NDIS will reimburse the participant or their plan nominee directly for the supports they receive.

Agency Managed

  • An agency managed plan is when the participant chooses to use the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to manage their plan. The NDIA will pay providers and services on behalf of the participant.

Plan Managed

  • There is a range of organisations that offer plan management services. Plan management providers act on behalf of the participant and will disburse funds to the participants’ providers and other support services.


  • A participant may decide to combine any of the above plan management styles for more flexibility. For example, you may have part of your plan agency managed, and the other self-managed. This can grant participants more control over specific areas of their budget and more freedom to choose their own providers.