What does an NDIS plan cover?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funds and support based on the individual requirements and goals of a person with a disability. Every NDIS plan is created based on the specific needs of the individual including goals, funding and support. These needs could include daily activities, transportation and mobility (such as wheelchairs), access to education and work, and therapeutic support.

The NDIS is available to all Australian citizens, special category visa holders and permanent residents between the ages of seven and 65 years old, who have a permanent and significant disability. Based on the criteria outlined by the National Disability Insurance Act Scheme https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2013A00020 , a ‘permanent or significant’ disability means you either require support from another person, supports to reduce future needs or use special equipment.

Not sure of what an NDIS plan will cover? Here’s a quick rundown.

Funding through the NDIS falls into three main categories.

Core funding – for day to day support, such as low-cost equipment (walking sticks, crutches), help with cleaning and household maintenance and transport.

Capacity funding – to help build skills, undertake training and facilitate learning to achieve the individual’s goals such as employment, exercise, education and personal relationships and living arrangements.

Capital funding – for purchasing assistive technology such as wheelchairs, house or vehicle modifications or other equipment.

Your first NDIS plan will be based on your existing supports, goals and individual requirements. A person at the NDIA will help describe the services you may require and work alongside you to give choice and control over organisations, workers and equipment that you may require to spend your funding on.

In your plan, expect to see an outline of your specific funded supports and requirements; personal information about you and the goals your plan will aim to reach, a breakdown of budgets and categories for each of your supports, and contact information for any assistance at the NDIA. At every stage the NDIA will provide support and open communication to ensure autonomy and complete control over your plan and individual needs.

What ISN’T covered by your NDIS plan

General living expenses like food and entertainment, rent and bills are not covered under your plan, as well as supports that are already covered or partially covered by Medicare.