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Jenna Hepburn

For the last 3 years, Jenna has been working closely with multicultural communities to tackle the shame and stigma associated with mental health and addictions, and to increase access to support services. She is motivated to help families and individuals to access and participate in support services, and is thrilled to be leading the NDIS readiness for families suite of services for Inclusion Designlab. Jenna finds being able to walk through every step of the process and empower Australians with intellectual disability to reach their goals an enormous privilege.

Having a varied background in public health, health promotion, research, and OH&S, Jenna finds studying a habit that is hard to break. Along the way she has developed a love for policy and working on big picture change, so much so that she has been known to cancel plans so she can stay home to watch election and budget coverage with a huge bucket of popcorn.

When she is not doting over her ‘fur-baby’, Jenna can be found actively supporting Melbourne Victory, or letting out her competitive nature during a ‘friendly’ game of mini-golf.