There are many opportunities for you to consider. The roles described below are the most common, although occasionally we recruit for specialist positions such as event & administrative support, research, marketing and many others. Your ideas are welcome for volunteering projects. There is something for everyone, regardless of experience or qualifications. To learn more about the different volunteering roles available click on the links below.

Volunteer Roles

Perhaps you are looking for a meaningful way to spend your Wednesday morning each week? Or perhaps you are retired and are now completely flexible with your time? You might have been out of the workforce for some time and looking to gain some new skills or reuse some old ones. You may be a student looking to gain a real world experience alongside your studies. Regardless of your motivation there are plenty of options for volunteering with Inclusion Melbourne with training and support provided.

The main roles that we recruit for are listed below. We look forward to your participation in promoting community inclusion!

Leisure Buddy

You are matched to a buddy taking into account where you both live and your shared interests.
Buddies usually catch up regularly for a few hours, mainly on the weekend

  • Availability: Evening and Weekends
  • Minimum Commitment: 12 Months
  • Additional Requirements: Use of own car preferable
  • Current Vacancies in Balwyn, Box Hill North, Doveton, St. Kilda East, & Caulfield: Apply Now
Friendly Visitor (For the Elderly)

You provide friendship to older people experiencing loneliness and isolation. Friendly
visitors are matched based on interests, needs and locality. Friendly visitors spend
approximately 2 hours a week with an older person, doing an enjoyable activity together,
in their home or local community.

  • Availability: Weekdays and Weekends
  • Minimum Commitment: 12 Months
  • Current Vacancies: Apply Now

You would assist students in a class, supported by qualified teachers. Classes are held
in Malvern East and Sunshine. Volunteer for one day each week.

  • Availability: Weekdays (Mon to Fri)
  • Minimum Commitment: 12 Months
  • Additional Requirements: Desire to ‌tutor students (no formal qualifications
  • Limited Vacancies: Apply Now
Project Work

You would volunteer in our office, assisting with a wide range of administrative tasks
such as data entry, financial admin, stocking office supplies, filing, following up with
enquiries, or helping with organising training workshops and events.

  • Availability: Weekdays
  • Minimum Commitment: 3 – 6 Months
  • Additional Requirements: Preference for experienced, qualified and skilled volunteers
  • Current Vacancy for Marketing volunteer: Apply Now

  • Availability: To be advised
  • Minimum Commitment: 12 Months
  • Additional Requirements: Counselling qualifications
  • Current Vacancies in Balwyn and Bentleigh: Apply Now